Diet is of utmost importance to the health of your companion parrot. Today’s commercially manufactured pellet food mixes are best for all ’round good health and nutritional value and must be available at all times. However, pellets alone would be a very boring diet for parrots who like variety and adventure! – Imagine what it would be like for you to eat the same nutritional porridge at every meal for the rest of your life – BORING !

Supplement your bird’s pellet diet with veggies, fresh fruit (not avacados which are toxic), shelled nuts and seeds as a treat daily. Any nutritious human food will be eagerly received by your parrot. Let  your bird share meals with you at the dinner table! Provide him his own special bowl of various foods that you have prepared for your own meal. This is a wonderful way to bond with your bird!





DO NOT FEED:  CHOCOLATE, CANDIES, POP DRINKS, COFFEE, TEA, COCOA, ALCOHOL, JUNK FOOD  Or any foods high in salt, sugar or preservatives.


Go fresh n’ healthy!


Feed non-pelleted foods and juices out of the cage to avoid a sticky mess that causes bacteria, mold and maggots. These are better fed on a T-stand or at the table.  All Parrots DAILY need time out of cage. They should be on T-stand or play gym everyday!

Remember they need SUPERVISON just like a 5 year old child!!!