Parrots become a family member


A companion parrot is a wonderful, intelligent, affectionate, life-long friend to enjoy and cherish but remember that YOU are responsible for it’s well being and developing habits. There are very few BAD parrots. Like children, the more time and interaction you have with your parrot, the happier you BOTH will be!




  • Do you have TIME to spend with your Companion Parrot every day ?
  • Do you have a place in your most-used room for a LARGE cage ?
  • Are you able to offer Love, Attention and the Parental guidance needed by a DEMANDING, time consuming, playful parrot with the intelligence of a 4 year old child ?
  • Can you tolerate Noise, Mess, Destruction and Mischief ?


Parrots talk, sing, whistle, laugh, think, play, and depend on their human flock members for companionship. They can be very affectionate, very loving, and given the proper guidance, are gentle toward their families. They soon become an integral part of the family and as such deserve the same care and affection.


Parrots thrive on drama

Do not let your Parrot above eye level – they will take Charge

A companion parrot that has interacted with it’s human family on a regular basis enjoys the company and indeed thrives on it! Jasper, our umbrella cockatoo loves to get right into the action and be a part of the family’s adventures. He travels with me to many community functions, is well socialized and gets along with most everyone. (Do not let your Companion become a ‘one person’ parrot)